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Helping Arizona families with divorce, child custody, child support, and other family law matters

To offer maximum experience and expertise, Joan Bundy Law focuses exclusively on Arizona family law matters. It makes sense when you think about it: If you have a complex health problem, you see a medical specialist. Why would you not entrust your unique and important legal issues to a Chandler family law attorney with specialized skills and expertise?

Within the family law area, Joan Bundy Law offers a full array of services covering a wide range of legal issues, including divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance (alimony), property division, guardianship, post-decree modifications, grandparents’ rights, unmarried and same-sex partner issues, pet custody matters, and legal document reviews.

Unlike bigger law firms, Joan Bundy Law gives you the personalized attention you deserve. The same divorce and family lawyer handles your legal matter from beginning to end. Your attorney communicates with you directly and promptly, and knows your case inside and out.

Initial legal consultation

For each new or prospective client, Joan Bundy Law offers an initial consultation at the introductory rate of $150. During this one-hour session, a divorce and family law attorney listens carefully to your situation, reviews and assesses your legal needs, discusses your legal options, and provides solid legal advice you can use immediately. By the end of the session, you will have a good sense of the direction in which your case should go. At this point, you decide whether you want Joan Bundy Law to assist you with your legal matter.

Each initial session covers a lot of ground. Before the meeting, you are asked to complete a short questionnaire that helps your lawyer better understand your legal matter. You are also advised to bring copies of any pertinent documents and to make a list of any questions you want to make sure are answered. This helps make the best use of your time during the consultation.

Many law firms advertise free initial consultations. Joan Bundy Law does not. Why? Because often these “consultations” are merely a way of getting you in the door and getting you to sign a contract. Joan Bundy Law believes in delivering value, not sales pitches, scare tactics, or unreasonable promises.

Lower-cost alternatives

Most clients are concerned about the bottom line. Many are worried about the hourly fees most attorneys charge, justifiably concerned that the attorney has a disincentive to handle their case as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Joan Bundy Law has listened to its clients and packages its services individually to achieve the best possible value using the most expedient, cost-effective approach.

Because family law matters involve many unknown variables, no lawyer can honestly tell you at the outset what the total cost will be. But Joan Bundy Law does everything possible to control and increase the certainty of your legal costs. Wherever possible, the firm offers flat-fee arrangements for specific services or unbundles services to make them more affordable, often referred to as limited-scope representation. For more complex matters, you may be quoted a flat fee for certain services or expenses, and an hourly rate for aspects of the case that are less predictable. Your lawyer may suggest mediation, which may be preferable to long, contentious, and often more costly court proceedings.

Reasonable fees

Unlike many law firms, Joan Bundy Law does not ever collect a retainer. It collects only advance fees. There is a big difference. A retainer, in the true sense of the word, is a fee paid strictly for the availability of the attorney. It does not pay for any actual work. In fact, a retainer is considered earned on receipt.

In contrast, Joan Bundy Law accepts payment solely in anticipation of work to be performed. The funds are deposited immediately into a trust account for safekeeping. After the work is performed, any excess funds remaining at the end of your case are promptly refunded to you.

Joan Bundy Law never makes unrealistic promises that may sacrifice the quality of the services provided, such as a low flat fee for a highly complex legal matter. Your future and that of your family are far too important for anything less than the best possible representation.

Call the Chandler office of Joan Bundy Law at 480.463.4600 to find out how the firm’s divorce and family law services can help you achieve your legal objectives.

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I was very impressed with the legal services that Joan provided and she was able to assist in me getting my overpaid alimony money back.

S. matter

I hired Ms. Bundy for my divorce case, after meeting and consulting with 4 other attorneys/ law firms in the valley. She handled the entire matter for me, and everything went as smoothly as possible for a divorce. I am happy with the outcome, and recommend her services.

C. F.divorce matter

[S]he has kept us informed on what to expect and has always asked for our input so she knows what we want before moving forward.

K. M.child custody mattera

Joan Bundy thoroughly investigated my case and always had time to listen to and address my concerns. She is and has been very organized and keeps up to date with details regarding my case. She also has taken swift action when it has been necessary.

C. matter

I initially talked with another firm (a large family practice here in Phoenix) and I just did not get the warm and fuzzy feeling that they were going to do everything I required. Joan certainly did and I am so glad I hired Joan for my issues.

S. H.spousal maintenance issue