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It often happens when you least expect it. A divorce or legal separation turns your life upside down. A child custody or child support battle threatens your children’s well-being. Suddenly the familiar life you and your family once knew is filled with turmoil and uncertainty. Joan Bundy Law, a leading Chandler divorce and family law firm, is here to help you get through tough times like these as painlessly and efficiently as possible. And we strive to do so with the best possible outcome for you and your family, both today and in the future.

Single focus, personalized legal solutions

Unlike law firms that try to do it all, Joan Bundy Law focuses exclusively on Arizona divorce and family law matters. You can be assured that your family law attorney understands what you’re going through and has the specialized expertise you need. You also get the personal attention and compassion you don’t always get at a Big Law firm.

After you sign the contract, the attorney you just met with does not hand you off to a succession of junior lawyers and paralegals. The same experienced divorce and family law attorney is by your side from start to finish, and knows your case forward and backward.

Effective family law representation, not showmanship

You may have noticed that many divorce and family law attorneys in the Phoenix Valley advertise themselves as “aggressive.” It makes for great marketing because, in movies and on TV, the more aggressive, hot-headed attorney always seems to win. But the real world is not as black and white.

In continuing legal education seminars, Arizona judges consistently say that one of their top complaints about attorneys is excessively confrontational and unprofessional behavior in the courtroom. They see it every day. They see right through it. Often it hurts, not helps, the client’s opportunity for a positive outcome.

At Joan Bundy Law, we’re not afraid to stand up to the bullies of the legal profession. We are as assertive as necessary to protect your legal rights. But in any legal matter, we look at various alternate legal strategies and recommend the one we believe, through years of divorce and family law experience, will produce the best immediate and long-term results. Our goal is the same as yours: to resolve your legal matter as quickly, cost-effectively, painlessly, and amicably as possible so that you and your family can make a smooth transition to the next phase of your lives.

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With so much at stake, why not invest wisely in your family’s future by securing the best possible family law representation? Call Joan Bundy Law at 480.463.4600 to schedule an initial consultation. We’ll explain how an experienced Chandler divorce and family law attorney can help you and your family overcome the obstacles you face and move forward with confidence.

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